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A trendsetter in the Healthcare App Development sector, InstaIT offers comprehensive technological solutions benefiting patients, healthcare setups, and medical professionals.

Our Achievements

Modernize Healthcare Support

We offer the latest digital technology solutions to revolutionize the Healthcare sector and coherently support all Health emergencies involved.


20k+ patients data

Secure storage of doctor-patient data


30k+ Appointments

Safe virtual environment for doctors and patients


100+ Healthcare Projects

Deal with patients with a healthcare history


20k+ Video Consultation

Online video calling facility for doctors and patients

InstaIT Healthcare Solution

We Set New Standards In Digital Healthcare Solution Sector.

InstaIT is a force to reckon with in the Software Development segment. We specialize in developing many digital healthcare solutions targeting all users across various touch points and hierarchies. Use our healthcare solutions to maximize your business performance.

As a leading player in the fast-evolving healthcare solution sector, we offer Healthcare Mobile App Development services for various hospital sectors and end-users. We develop feature-rich healthcare apps and software that are user-friendly, enhance doctor-patient engagement, and simplify management for healthcare setups. Our highly qualified developers offer Healthcare Mobile App Development with a keen focus on ease of usage, cross-platform sync, data security, and productivity.


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Advantages For Your Business

Healthcare App Development Benefits With InstaIT

As a pioneering healthcare software development company, we have the expertise and resources to develop fitting healthcare applications for your business. A feature-rich, process-efficient, functional healthcare app is the prerequisite for meeting patient and clinical needs, and that is what we provide.

Our expert developers create amazing healthcare apps or portals for you that will help to track day-to-day activities with doctors and patients. We create multi-touchpoint healthcare apps that help streamline operations at clinical setups, eases patient interactions, and minimize glitches in the workflow. Our healthcare software solves technical and clinical problems, adding value to your brand visibility and credibility.










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Our Healthcare Software Development Services

Digital Healthcare Software Development Service for Optimum Business Growth

Avail the latest in the healthcare software arena with our digital solutions and experience enhanced business growth and customer satisfaction.

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Types of Healthcare Software

Amazing Healthcare Applications We Develop

Opt for our cutting-edge healthcare software development services and get a multi-faceted, functional healthcare solution that brings major positive changes to your venture. We create the perfect digital healthcare environment spanning various touch points and covering all aspects of workflow.

  • icon icon Apps for Patients
  • icon icon clinical professionals
  • icon icon healthcare service providers
health type
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    Tele-health apps

  • check

    Mental health apps

  • check

    Fitness and wellness apps

  • check

    Medication usage aid apps

  • check

    Patient engagement apps

  • check

    Appointment scheduler apps

  • check

    Symptom checking apps

health type
  • check

    Remote patient observation apps

  • check

    EHR data analysis apps

  • check

    Medical research/referencing apps

  • check

    Practice management apps

  • check

    Appointment reminder and management app

  • check

    Team coordination and management app

  • check

    Peer consultation app

health type
  • check

    Clinical aid apps

  • check

    Billing apps

  • check

    Timetable scheduler apps

  • check

    EHR systems

  • check

    Wearable tech management apps

  • check

    Drug inventory management and tracking app

  • check

    Clinical device data collection systems

Why Do Healthcare Entities Like Hiring Us

InstaIT is the first choice of healthcare sector players for making robust, functional apps and portals that offer consistently reliable performance.

technological edge

Technological edge

Versatile solutions

Versatile solutions

unmatched security

Unmatched security

veteran developers

Veteran developers

superb compliance

Superb compliance

Best in Healthcare Standard Compliance

InstaIT scores the sweet spot when developing healthcare solutions complying with the latest industry protocols. Our healthcare software solution and app developers are well-versed in using the latest technologies to bring you apps that drive profits.


We develop healthcare apps complying with HIPAA, the gold standard for safeguarding patient data privacy. It ensures optimum patient trust in your venture, and you can evade legal pitfalls easily.


We create software solutions for the healthcare sector that adhere to FDA norms. It ensures clients can assess FDA compliance with drugs and clinical products and evade repercussions.


To ensure proper usage and adoption of EHR technology, the HiTech Act was introduced. InstaIT develops software solutions that comply with HiTech norms, giving your business a sense of assurance.


We make healthcare solutions that support the BYOD model and clinical setups. It ensures a smooth workflow in hybrid device setups.


We can develop HL7-compliant healthcare apps so you can be assured of safety while exchanging vital organization data with other clinical entities.

Health Compliances
Healthcare Development Services – 4 Pillars

4 foundations on which our robust Healthcare Software Development Service grows.



As a healthcare mobile app development company, we are particular about developing applications and solutions complying with this sector's latest and prevalent regulatory standards.

Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions

We develop healthcare software solutions and apps that cover all nuances and touchpoints of operations, including clinical professionals, patients, and clinical facility management.

Seamless Connectivity

Seamless Connectivity

We develop healthcare software solutions that offer smooth connectivity across multiple devices and platforms around the clock. It enables ongoing and smooth workflow at client premises.



We know the importance of patient data privacy, so our developers create healthcare apps and solutions with solid, embedded data security measures.

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Client Feedbacks
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Trusted by Experts Around the World


InstaIT is a trustworthy software development company. We value their proactive attitude and capacity to make suggestions for enhancements to a potential solution at the architectural and operational levels. When we need high-quality software to help run our businesses, we can always rely on InstaIT's diverse competencies.

Martha de Otero
Globalsoft, Multifore

Our satisfaction with the software development solutions and the support provided by the InstaIT team is unwavering. We hired InstaIT to create a Dynamics 365 customer portal with B2B clients to assist our sales staff in streamlining communication.

John McCay
Clever Health, England

We constantly seek to improve our web app solutions with new features that satisfy the most exacting expectations of our customers to stay ahead of the competition in the software market. Collaboration with knowledgeable IT vendors ensures our high work standards are followed. We worked with InstaIT to develop our software solutions.

Naga Venkatesh Vudatha
Bapatla district, A.P.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to develop a healthcare software solution or app?

It depends on factors like features used in the app, the number of users, safety provisions, the database chosen and standard compliance, etc.

Why shall I choose InstaIT for building my healthcare solution?

InstaIT offers a team of talented healthcare app and solution developers. They can create feature-rich, secure solutions that comply with the newest industry protocols while offering users a smooth experience.

What features should be there in an ideal healthcare app?

It varies from one clinical setup to another, and the user must also play a role. However, such apps should have features like:

  • A clean UI
  • Multi-device and platform support
  • Excellent database support
  • Embedded data safety features
  • Imaging and video support
  • Payment processing
Who can benefit from a healthcare app?

Healthcare apps and solutions benefit many users, including patients, doctors, clinical staff, and hospital management.

Why should healthcare apps adhere to industry regulations like HIPAA?

Without compliance with these industry regulatory protocols, app users may face charges of clinical law violations, and there can be serious repercussions.

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