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InstaIT offers innovative, high-performance, result-driven elearning portals spanning a wide spectrum of learners and educational setups. We offer feature-rich, intuitive online elearning app development services aiding students and teachers alike.

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As a leading IT solution for the education industry, we offer diverse, interactive, tailor-made elearning apps and platforms to empower upcoming leaders.






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We Offer Customized, Comprehensive Online Learning Tools And Apps Empowering Effective Engagement And Transforming The Education Sector

With online courses and examinations becoming mainstream with time, more institutes and educational setups require tailor-made elearning solutions. We offer intuitive and highly customizable, feature-laden online elearning app development services that leverage the power of digital learning. Our highly skilled educational app developers address elearning challenges and create apps matching your entity's requirements.

To create education more collaborative and efficient, we develop education industry solutions that do not bind education limited to four walls. Use our emerging technology and experience a hassle-free, engaging journey.

At InstaIT, we understand the hurdles learners and teachers face switching to online learning tools from offline setups. That is why we design online educational apps and solutions with exemplary ease of usage and ample tweaking options. We offer online Education app development services for regular schools, colleges, Edtech entities, universities, tutorial centres, Etc.

Implement Your elearning Solution Development Aspirations.

We have the expertise to work with many clients in the education sector.

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We possess the expert knowledge and skill required to create custom elearning Solutions that will match your organisation's specific needs well. As a trendsetting Education App Development Company, we create visually appealing and easy-to-learn online portals and apps that trainers and learners love.

We ensure the elearning solutions we developed are safe and adhere to regulations well. Our highly skilled elearning app developers use a smart approach to reinforce your online learning structure. Application stability and performance are top-notch when we design it.
Our online learning software encompasses every feature required, including payment processing, video conferencing, content upload and sharing, time-tracking, etc.













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Trusted by Experts Around the World


InstaIT is a trustworthy software development company. We value their proactive attitude and capacity to make suggestions for enhancements to a potential solution at the architectural and operational levels. When we need high-quality software to help run our businesses, we can always rely on InstaIT's diverse competencies.

Martha de Otero
Globalsoft, Multifore

Our satisfaction with the software development solutions and the support provided by the InstaIT team is unwavering. We hired InstaIT to create a Dynamics 365 customer portal with B2B clients to assist our sales staff in streamlining communication.

John McCay
Clever Health, England

We constantly seek to improve our web app solutions with new features that satisfy the most exacting expectations of our customers to stay ahead of the competition in the software market. Collaboration with knowledgeable IT vendors ensures our high work standards are followed. We worked with InstaIT to develop our software solutions.

Naga Venkatesh Vudatha
Bapatla district, A.P.
frequently asked Questions
What are the major features that should be present in an elearning app?

An elearning app can be equipped with many features based on end-user needs. However, the essential features of such an app are payment processing, video conferencing, content sharing, time tracking, class scheduler, exam scheduler, etc. Some such apps are also laden with device screen sharing and integration with LMS platforms.

How using an elearning system can aid an entity.

Using an elearning app or solution can bring multiple benefits to an organisation. These are:

  • Reduced training cost as students/interns need not travel.
  • Enhanced flexibility for students and employees.
  • The load on trainers/teachers is reduced as the need to attend to individual learners is reduced.
  • Enhanced safety during situations during a pandemic breakout.

An all-encompassing platform to assess and monitor many nuances of teaching and learning, including exams, syllabus completion, student progress, and so on.

Why would I pick InstaIT for elearning solution development needs?

We offer comprehensive elearning solution development for multiple types of educational setups and learners. Our developers have expertise in developing customized online learning apps and platforms for educational and corporate clients. We offer elearning solution development at affordable rates, too. Our customer support is prompt and robust.

How long does it take to develop an online learning tool or app?

It completely depends on the following factors:

  • Features required in the tool or app
  • Integration with other educational platforms/tools
  • Number of users
  • Amount of customization required
  • Security features used in the app
Is customization necessary in an elearning tool?

Deploying customisation is necessary to ensure the success and acceptance of elearning apps or tools. Not all students and teachers have the same user needs. For example, visual or auditory impairment users need special features in such tools. Young students cope better with online learning tools with fewer UI elements and clutter. Some such tools are made with the capacity to operate offline or on low internet bandwidth as well.

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