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Methodologies Used

Check out our cutting-edge development methodologies and select the one meeting your business needs the best.

Agile Methodology

The agile methodology is the first choice of a leading Web App Development Company, which reduces risk and delays in software development services. This methodology focuses on software and App Development in short bursts, called iterations. The agile framework adheres to an incremental model, and each iteration is deemed a miniature project- comprising many phases. It promotes real-time collaboration as well as communication.

  • Designed to reduce risks in the software development cycle.
  • Tasks are segregated into smaller modules named Sprints.
  • Pre-planned work assignments for all team members.
  • Enhanced flexibility in development phases.
  • Stages: Conceptualization, requirement identification, development, release, maintenance, and retirement.
  • Helps each team member to remain accountable and transparent to others.

Waterfall Methodology

Widely used by ace Software Developers, the Waterfall model adopts a linear and well-defined approach toward application development. Each stage in the method has clear-cut goals, and completing one step is a prerequisite for the execution of the next. As a leading Software Development Company, InstaIT offers a Waterfall Methodology for client needs.

  • Well-defined scope and objectives set for each project.
  • A linear and sequential development pattern is maintained.
  • Ideal for small application projects with well-defined requirements.
  • Stages: Analysis, Design, Deployment, testing, and maintenance.
  • Helps develop good coding habits preceding design.
  • Helps define deadlines and project milestones clearly.
  • Used for simplifying arranging tasks.

Scrum Methodology

InstaIT, a leading App Development Company, also offers Scrum methodology. This project management framework focuses on team collaboration. This model suits projects with evolving requirements and is based on iterative progress. For each sprint, brief planning is done, and daily meetings are held to track progress.

  • The development process is executed in a series of iterations.
  • The model is flexible to adapt to development changes.
  • Quick feedback cycle for enhanced focus and problem resolution.
  • Stages: Backlog creation, Sprint planning, execution, Testing and reviewing, and release.
  • Facilitates proper usage of momentary resources and time.
  • Large projects are executed easily by dividing them into many short-length sprints.
  • Teams can meet project targets with speed and efficacy.
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Globalsoft, Multifore

Our satisfaction with the software development solutions and the support provided by the InstaIT team is unwavering. We hired InstaIT to create a Dynamics 365 customer portal with B2B clients to assist our sales staff in streamlining communication.

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We constantly seek to improve our web app solutions with new features that satisfy the most exacting expectations of our customers to stay ahead of the competition in the software market. Collaboration with knowledgeable IT vendors ensures our high work standards are followed. We worked with InstaIT to develop our software solutions.

Naga Venkatesh Vudatha
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