6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Laravel for Web Development

29 September 2022


There are several PHP frameworks available for developing web applications. But when it comes to picking out the best of them all, Laravel can be considered a top contender. Based on the model-view-controller pattern, the Laravel framework is quite easy to use for developers who’re well-versed in core and advanced PHP. Whether it’s scalability, time efficiency, security, or ease of use, Laravel ensures top-notch performance across various parameters. Let’s dive deep into all the reasons that make Laravel framework development so ideal.

  • Security is well taken care of

From user information to payment transactions, there’s a lot that needs to be protected in web applications. Laravel offers many sophisticated security features that set it apart from other frameworks. It has in-built security mechanisms against attacks like cross-site request forgery, SQL injection, XSS, etc. As the updates to the framework are launched, it gets furthermore enhanced on the security front. User passwords are securely stored using the Bcrypt hashing algorithm. Robust user authentication and access control, and cookie protection are other strong security aspects of Laravel.

The fact that Laravel is intrinsically secure makes the job of Laravel developers much easier. They can leverage the framework’s in-built features to build highly secure applications that can withstand modern cyberattacks.

  • MVC architecture offers several benefits

An exceptional aspect of the Laravel framework is its MVC architecture, which enables the separation of presentation and business logic. Right from the start, Laravel applications are built such that their front-end (view) and back-end (model) are decoupled from each other. Therefore, it’s simpler and cheaper to change/update either section of the application without disrupting the other. If there are any last-minute requests to add new functionalities, they can be fulfilled in a clean and hassle-free way. Any maintenance-related work down the line can also be easily performed.

Also, MVC architecture comes in quite handy when building a large, complex web application, as it helps organize and maintain the code more systematically. It’s also useful in ensuring superior performance and documentation.

  • Great at handling increasing web traffic

The ability to smoothly handle and respond to increasing user requests is critical for a web application. The last thing that any business would want is a crashing server or mounting the price of application hosting under the burden of rising requests. Laravel has an effective queue mechanism for dealing with high web traffic. In this mechanism, time-intensive tasks can be deferred so that the application can focus on higher priority tasks at the moment like processing the additional user requests. This excellent traffic management method allows Laravel applications to continue delivering reliable performance even as the web traffic increases.

  • Enables a thorough testing process for great quality

Development and testing, both processes play a vital role in determining the final quality of the web application. Laravel not only offers a quality-centric development process but also a thorough testing process. The framework provides extensive support for automation testing, so one doesn’t have to spend time and effort on manual testing.

Laravel provides support for unit testing, which means each feature of the application can be tested to check if it works properly and yields the expected results. Depending on the application, different use cases can be created to see if the individual important features are operating without issues, for example, links are working as they should, users can submit forms, and so on. By ensuring that small parts of the application are working properly, one can further work on ensuring that these parts work well collectively too.

  • Ensures cost-effective application development

Project going over budget is a nightmare for any business. Costs especially go out of control when it takes longer than anticipated to develop the required web application. Laravel eases the cost-related worries in many ways. Firstly, the framework is open-source so it can be used for free. Secondly, hiring an affordable Laravel development service is a great cost-saving measure.

Thirdly, developing applications is quicker with Laravel which in turn helps keep costs under control. Laravel offers many pre-defined functionalities that can be very easily integrated into the application during development. Laravel developers don’t have to come up with customized code for every little thing.

Lastly, as we noted earlier, Laravel makes it possible to make front-end changes without modifying or impacting the back-end code. So, whenever there’s any need to enhance or change the UI, it can be done without spending any extra effort or money in the back-end area.

  • Suitable for all kinds of business requirements

Laravel framework is capable of handling the varying, diverse technical requirements that come with different kinds of businesses. Some businesses may require a simple, small-scale application. Whereas, others may want an application that can manage complicated workflows smoothly. For some businesses, performance and customization may be of utmost importance. On the other hand, some businesses may value adaptability and security more.

What’s unique about Laravel is that it meets different expectations and requirements with incredible ease. From a basic to an enterprise-grade web application, Laravel is suitable for everything. All types of businesses can leverage Laravel with the help of an experienced Laravel web development company. Furthermore, because Laravel applications can be built promptly, businesses that are eager to get into the market can do so quickly.

In addition to all the Laravel benefits covered above, some more notable ones include streamlined exception handling, seamless database migration, and fast performance due to superior caching support.

In a nutshell

With so many frameworks available today for web development, it can be mind-boggling to figure out the aptest one. It’s worth knowing that the Laravel framework is not only excellent for businesses who’re looking for rich and secure web applications, but also for developers who desire a convenient and efficient application-building process. It’s a win-win for everyone, and that’s what makes Laravel so ideal for web development.

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