Why Penetration Testing Is Important For Every Website Business

21 May 2021


Technological innovations have made life so much smoother and better, beyond doubt. However, technology does come with several drawbacks, proving to be troublesome for the users. While websites and apps are necessary for brands to sustain in a competitive market, they cannot overlook the security aspect. Nowadays, it is quite commonplace to read about websites getting hacked and security breaches affecting corporate apps. That explains why so many businesses are opting for penetration testing.

The basics of penetration testing

After several MNC websites and apps of corporate giants getting affected by hacking and security breaches, brands have adopted a cautious and preventive approach. However, before the hackers and malicious groups discover security loopholes in your app or website and exploit them, it is prudent that you look for such hidden loopholes and fix them beforehand. This is what Penetration testing is all about! It denotes the process of simulating real-time cyber-attack to test web applications and site security.

It is useful for checking the security level of a company’s network as well. Website penetration testing involves running a series of simulation tests that certified security professionals execute. 

Why your business website requires penetration testing

While the popularity of penetration testing is growing with time, it is yet to be accepted as a necessary pre-emptive security procedure by a section of business owners. Whether your business deals with SaaS services or belongs to the pharmaceutical sector, it will gain by using penetration testing.

Listed below are the major advantages of using penetration testing for businesses:

  1. Staying prepared for unknown and unprecedented threats– Just using the latest website safety protocols is not enough to keep your brand website safe. Not too long ago, MNCs and technology giants like Marriott International, Facebook, Microsoft, and Adobe faced unforeseen online exploit attacks. So, such attacks can happen to small and mid-sized entities too! So, using penetration testing helps the brands stay prepared for emerging and unknown cyber-attacks.
  2. Staying one step ahead– With time, hackers have become way more advanced and powerful. They are constantly finding new loopholes in websites, underlying applications, networks to take control of various web applications and sites. It makes sense that you remain one step ahead of such miscreants by running penetration testing. If you can find and fix the loopholes of your brand site, it will make the task tougher for those malicious lots.
  3. Preventing legal repercussions and cost escalation- Cybersecurity breaches can prove to be too costly in some cases. There are instances of brands facing lawsuits after their confidential information and client data got leaked through such attacks. The reputation and brand image can be tarnished in such cases. In a few instances, those brands may have to pay monetary fines for failing to safeguard customer information. By deploying penetration testing, it is easier to evade such developments.
  4. Enhanced cybersecurity strategy– When businesses get their websites and apps assessed by running penetration testing, they can figure out existing weak spots in their cyber and network security plans. They can, thereafter, fix the loopholes and augment the existing strategies for a better future.
  5. Better security regulation compliance- With time, cybersecurity norms are being made more stringent than ever before. Based on your business types and customer location, it may be necessary for your brand site to adhere to newer cybersecurity regulations like GDPR and PCI DSS. By using penetration testing, it becomes easier to make a site compliant with such standards. 

Is penetration testing better than an existing and automated security infrastructure?

There are some brand owners who think having an automated web and network security infrastructure in place will suffice. However, this is far from the truth. Having a security application with automated checking will safeguard your site from hacking attacks to an extent. However, it can’t really offer 100% protection from the newer and emerging threats. Only penetration testing executed by certified security experts can help you figure out the hidden security flaws in your brand site and app. 

The variation between Vulnerability Scan and running Penetration Testing

Vulnerability scans are automated tests that are used to scan the PCs and networking setup in an organization to find out areas of security weaknesses. These can be run manually or as per schedule. However, vulnerability assessments do not extend beyond reporting the detected security flaws. Penetration tests simulate activities of potential miscreants and hackers trying to gain control of websites or networking setup in a company. It is way more intensive and can involve many more steps than running just a scan.

How should penetration testing be performed?

While executing penetration testing can be helpful for finding invisible security loopholes in your company site or app, it should not be used as a one-time thing. On the contrary, it should be made an integral part of online and network security strategy. Updating the website with new content or adding new features can pave the way to unknown and newer loopholes, and hackers will try to exploit those. So, businesses need to run penetration testing from time to time to stay safe. 

The various types of penetration testing

While many businesses conduct penetration testing on their websites and apps, it may not be adequate to stay ahead of the hackers. Web access has become way more versatile, and many more devices and applications are used in workplaces for internet usage nowadays. That is why it is imperative to execute comprehensive penetration testing that covers the technologies, hardware, and software used for internet access in an organization. It can be executed on the following levels:

  • Website and app Penetration Testing– In this method, security experts explore the various sections of websites and apps and check for hidden security flaws. They may look for loopholes like Cross-Site Request Forgery, Cross-Site Scripting, and application security flaws. 
  • Network Security Penetration Testing– In most organizations, networking setups of varying types are used. So, it is necessary to check how secure the internal networking setup of a company is. The security experts check various components of a network to find out loopholes leading to unauthorized data and web access. They look for Wireless Network Vulnerabilities, leaked and weak passwords, and Misconfigurations, etc. 
  • Hardware-level Penetration Testing– In most companies, diverse types of PC and hybrid devices are used for web access nowadays. It is necessary to check if these devices are configured properly or not. These include checking the webcams, biometric sensors, and cameras. 
  • Cloud Security Penetration Testing- A lot of businesses are resorting to cloud services for operational needs. Using cloud services brings several benefits to an organization but checking its security level is also important. The PaaS and SaaS solutions have to be checked for security loopholes. Breaches in a cloud service can give hackers access to vital company data, and the results can be detrimental.
  • IoT Security Penetration Testing– IoT is being touted as futuristic technology with the potential to change how people do chores. Many companies have started using IoT devices, and these devices work in sync with mainstream web access devices. So, checking the IoT platform and devices for security flaws is necessary. Insecure APIs, Weak Passwords, and Misconfigurations have to be found out. 

Summing it up

To obtain the maximum benefits from penetration testing, it is necessary to hire a suitable IT and cybersecurity agency having expertise in the domain. For comprehensive and customized penetration testing for your business, you can count on instant solutions. To know more about its penetration testing services, check the website https://www.instaittech.com/.