Which Technology is Better for eCommerce?

31 January 2023


Are you considering creating an eCommerce website for your company? Consider again!

You’re mistaken if you consider using any platform to construct your eCommerce. When you are planning to develop an eCommerce website for your business, it is critical that you select the correct platform. As different platforms cater to different types of businesses.

Each platform will have its functions and many platforms for different enterprises.

Imagine going to a dog store and expecting to discover a cat! No, we’ll not tell you how to establish a pet store or an eCommerce website. But we want you to understand that different platforms are designed for companies.

Choose a platform for your business that can meet your goals and give you all the features. 

So, in this post, we will discuss several platforms and eCommerce builders that you may use to design your eCommerce website.

But, before we get into these eCommerce technologies, let us first discuss the significance of web development for eCommerce companies.

What do statistics have to say about eCommerce web development?

eCommerce is expanding and will likely reach new heights in the future. As of 2021, the worldwide eCommerce market is already worth more than $4 trillion. The industry will have strong development potential in 2023. According to Statista, the percentage of eCommerce in worldwide retail sales might reach 21.8% by 2024.

As the statistics and figures above prove, eCommerce offers enormous business potential. If you want to share in the riches of the eCommerce industry, you must first build a fantastic website. Choosing the proper technology is critical for creating a successful eCommerce website.

Benefits of eCommerce Website Development

1. Test your limitations

An eCommerce website broadens your company’s reach by allowing you to sell things without regard for geography.

You may expand into new areas by investing in bespoke eCommerce app development services. With a retail eCommerce solution, you can move your business from local to worldwide.

You may create a B2C or B2B eCommerce website based on your needs. Buyers from all around the world may use your internet store to make purchases. It allows you to stretch the boundaries of your business because there are no geographical constraints!

2. Availability 24*7 days 

Online shopping allows customers to buy items or services at their leisure. Indeed, your eCommerce site is operational. As a result, shoppers may visit your website at any moment to buy the needed items.

Unlike a physical store, which you may open at a set time, your eCommerce website is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

3. Reduced Investment

When you open a physical business, you must pay for employee salaries, infrastructure, energy, and other expenses. It implies that you must incur high running costs.

Furthermore, in the case of an eCommerce website, you need as many resources as necessary to run your website. As a result, an eCommerce website is a low-cost business alternative compared to a physical store.

4. Insights from data

Another significant benefit of eCommerce web development is the ability to analyse data. Understanding and evaluating their consumers’ behaviour is critical for any organisation. 

You may use tools like Google Analytics to examine data to learn more about your consumers. This data might assist you in developing an excellent marketing strategy for your company.

What Is the Importance of eCommerce Web Development?

People’s buying choices are changing as time changes. People have become more receptive to purchasing through internet enterprises. It has raised the importance of online commerce.

According to Nasdaq’s forecasts, 95% of all purchases will be made via eCommerce by 2040. As a result, businesses must establish an eCommerce website to reach a wide audience. Despite a significant increase in internet business potential, many companies still do not have a website. 

Yet, owning an internet business is insufficient.

You must have an appealing website that contains all the elements required. eCommerce web development is essential in this regard.

With the expansion of online businesses, eCommerce web development companies are under pressure. They have to create future-proof eCommerce websites utilizing the finest eCommerce platforms available.

A website must capture the user’s attention when a business runs online. It is attainable with great eCommerce web design, giving potential clients a positive picture of your brand.

Businesses must guarantee that their websites are appealing and That their visitors can access the website’s functionalities for their websites To capture the attention of their target audiences. eCommerce web development may address issues such as online security, payment alternatives, page speed, etc.

Taking all this into account, we will now discuss eCommerce development platforms that you may use to design your website.

Use the Most Advanced Technology for Your eCommerce Website Project.

As you know, an eCommerce website is a complicated structure comprising several features and tools. As a result, you must select the best eCommerce technology to create the best website.

Furthermore, an eCommerce website has two sides: the front end and the back end. The front end is visible to customers, while the back is only available to you. As a result, you must choose the ideal technological stack for an eCommerce website. It fulfills your goals while providing the necessary functionality.

Here are the major eCommerce development platforms:


Shopify is the best for building an eCommerce website among the eCommerce technologies available to organizations. It has a plethora of free and premium themes from which to pick for your website. But, if you create it yourself, the platform allows you to do so.

This platform is a fantastic alternative among other eCommerce software development technologies due to its built-in vast variety of marketing tools, digital gift cards, shipping discounts, infinite products, and support for 133 currencies.

The platform also contains dozens of plugins and apps that extend the platform’s capability, and the platform’s 24/7 customer support helps you address your issues as they occur. So, whether you’re a small, medium, or large business, hiring a Shopify Developer to create an online shop using Shopify is always a fantastic option.

Key Characteristics Include:

  • Order and shipping management
  • supports an omnichannel approach
  • smart inventory management
  • the integration of its payment system 
  • Loaded with marketing plugins.



When most people hear about WooCommerce, they think of WordPress, and when you read about the most helpful plugins and apps for WordPress, WooCommerce is on the list since it is so functional. You may need to hire competent and experienced WooCommerce Developers to meet your eCommerce requirements.

According to one report, WooCommerce is utilized by more than 41% of all online retailers globally, making it the most popular and viable eCommerce platform. One of the most significant benefits of using WooCommerce website development is that you may use the basic version for free!

So, if you’re a newbie with a limited budget, you can give it a shot. It also features a plethora of free and commercial plugins that can be used to improve a website’s functionality. Although we discussed how inexpensive WooCommerce website creation is, you should not mistake technology for being insecure. Creating a website using WooCommerce ensures that you will not have to compromise on the website’s security.

Key Characteristics Include:

  • Data Security
  • Open Source Platforms
  • Themes Are Load
  • Marketing Features 
  • Social Media Integration


Magento is an open-source PHP framework developers use to create websites with a personalized user experience. This web development platform provides access to hundreds of unique features that assist businesses in connecting with potential clients to market their products and services.

Magento allows you to manage your online stores from a single admin panel, saving you time and effort. It is well-known for its interface, simplicity of interaction with third parties, responsive design, variety of deployment choices, and wonderful and engaging customer shopping experience.

This eCommerce development platform distinguishes itself from its competition by offering quicker web page loading rates. It provides multilingual help, currency exchange, international shipping, and order management.

Key Characteristics Include:

  • Mobile Friendly Platform
  • Checkout, Shipping, and Payment
  • Catalogue Management
  • Reporting and Analytics 
  • SEO Centered

How Do You Choose the Best Tech Partner for Your eCommerce Website?

Above, we discussed the top eCommerce website development technologies; here, we will discuss how developing isn’t for everyone because you’ll need the necessary talent for it and some technical aid. So, here’s how you may get the best tech partner for building an eCommerce website:

Understand Your Requirements

The first stage is to understand why you need help from the tech partner you are engaging to work for you, whether you want to use one to construct a website from scratch or upgrade your existing website.

Create A Brief

After determining your needs, you should write a project brief that includes everything you want the eCommerce developer to perform. It will assist them in better understanding your project needs.

Think About How You Want To Hire

You must pick whether you want to engage a Shopify or developer on an hourly or set-cost basis. Beginners or launched firms should avoid hiring an eCommerce developer on an hourly basis and instead hire them on a flat rate or project basis to save money.

Consider Alternatives

After deciding to recruit, you may seek several eCommerce developers or hire from an eCommerce development business which will make your job easier. You will be able to collaborate with skilled engineers.

Get Work Samples

Requesting work examples is crucial since it provides insight into previous work done by developers. You can also read their testimonials to learn more about their experience working with clients.

Make An Appointment With Them

Once you’ve narrowed your list of developers, it’s time to interview them. When you interview them using video calling systems, you may share your screen with the interviewee and vice versa. You can articulate what you want from the eCommerce developer work and project delivery.

Think About Your Budget

The budget is most likely the essential consideration when selecting an eCommerce developer. The prices and pricing structure of a developer might vary. As a result, discussing compensation expectations with prospects before hiring may be a smart idea.

The Deal Is Complete

Once you’ve completed all the evaluation work and selected the eCommerce developer, it’s time to complete all the paperwork. Every aspect, from the Project’s scope to the payment conditions, must conform to what you discussed. Examine the agreements governing the management of your company’s intellectual property. It implies that your intellectual property and other sensitive information will be secure when you use these papers.


So far, we’ve discussed the finest eCommerce app development technologies for building your website. Although deciding which one to use for your company may be challenging, don’t worry; we at InstaIT Web have your back!

InstaIT is an ecommerce website development company. We assist businesses in developing unique and comprehensive eCommerce websites. The help of our skilled web developers is well-versed in the best eCommerce development technologies for developing websites. These can help them grow and scale their businesses over the internet.