Top 5 Technologies in Social Media Platform Development

16 September 2022


We all know how social media has brought the world closer together over the last few years. For billions of people across the world, social networking platforms have become a crucial part of their everyday life. For people, social media is a channel to create and consume exciting content while keeping in constant touch with their close ones. On the other hand, brands leverage social media for managing customer relationships and carving digital identity. Given the huge role that social platforms play for everyone, it’s not surprising that social media application development has become such an enticing investment opportunity for businesses. 

The social media industry continues to undergo major transformations with the help of various emerging technologies. The goal of these technologies is to make the user experience more fun, convenient, and interactive. This article focuses on the latest technologies in focus for social media app development, that are helping set new trends. 

Artificial Intelligence 

AI and social media are already deeply interconnected today. AI is a big part of how social media platforms cater to the personalization needs of users and the advertising efforts of brands. Hence, AI use should be a top priority when creating a social media app

Once you view a certain type of content on social media, you’re likely to see more of it going forward. This is because social networking platforms use AI to display content that matches your interest. Even the advertisements that you see on social media are a result of AI. 

In addition to enabling personalized content curation, AI is also a powerful aid in managing advertising efforts on social media. AI can be applied to social monitoring tools to help brands efficiently draw excellent insights from a large volume of user data. This allows businesses to efficiently manage their brand identity, expand their follower base, and plan marketing campaigns on social media. 

Internet of Things 

IoT is already a well-used technology in smart homes and the manufacturing industry. The merger of IoT with social media is expected to begin a new revolution for social networking platforms. You should aspire to create a social media app that’s futuristic enough to incorporate IoT. 

From posting timely content to monitoring user behavior, IoT can enhance how social media is used by businesses and users in several ways. 

Through IoT, a wide range of devices can be connected to social media accounts to enable data sharing between them. Certain actions/changes on a device can act like a trigger event for executing an activity on social media, like sending a message or posting a status update.  

Using IoT for social media is beneficial for businesses too since it can provide them access to an extensive range of information about user interests and behavior. Businesses can perform social media monitoring more effectively with IoT, and therefore build a much clearer and more thorough picture of what users want. 

Augmented Reality 

The purpose of augmented reality is to enhance real-world situations using virtual elements to aid different purposes. For instance, AR can be used in education to facilitate more interactive and effective learning for students via gamification. Several other industry verticals like healthcare, e-commerce, and real estate are also eagerly adopting AR.  

AR has the potential to yield many benefits for social media application development too. One of the most common and popular applications of AR in social media is image filters. Interesting filters can be used to express a variety of emotions, and expression is what social media is all about anyway. Not only users but also brands can use these filters to make their content more creative and engaging.   

Social media is a popular medium for brands to stream and showcase their live events. AR can elevate the experience of attending live events to another level. AR-powered social media platform development can enable people to enjoy a realistic experience of streamed events. AR can bring these events into people’s homes, making them feel like they’re participants rather than just viewers. 

Cybersecurity and Privacy 

Considering how much of their life people share on social media today, stricter cybersecurity measures for social media are more important than ever. As social media platforms attract more and more users, there is also increased vulnerability to negative attention from hackers looking for data to exploit. 

When working on social networking app development, special attention should be given to protecting user information against cybersecurity attacks. Applications should employ advanced security features to store user data. Robust authentication steps should be provisioned to prevent user data from falling into the wrong hands.  

Additionally, the app should have stringent privacy features that users can leverage to better regulate what and how they share. 


Social media software solutions based on blockchain technology are redefining how people interact and share content in the digital world. Blockchain adds a layer of encryption to these activities thus increasing their security.  

The decentralization of social media with blockchain prevents any single party from having ultimate control over a social platform. This can foster more trust among users towards social media because it reduces the chance of any bias. Moreover, decentralization can also give people the freedom to share their opinions without the fear of getting unfairly censored. 

Additionally, nowadays there is rising concern about the misuse of data that people share on social media platforms. With the privacy assured by blockchain, the platforms can offer a safer environment for user data.  


With cutting-edge technologies like AI and AR becoming more and more mainstream, their use is becoming increasingly prevalent across different industries, and social media is no exception. If your goal is an ultra-modern social media app that’s a class apart from everything else, then using these technologies for mobile app development is a must. 

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