The Power Of Gamification In Transforming e-learning

27 August 2020


It is no surprise today that the method of learning and education are changing day by day. Be it the smart classes, or the virtual classrooms, the mode of learning is witnessing a change every second of the day. And one such major change was presented in the form of introducing Gamification in eLearning.

Gamification is basically an application of various gaming mechanics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning elements in various areas of non-game activities. It is an amalgamation of a set of activities that helps in generating engagement by incorporating features of game elements in non-game contextual activities.

Many organizations and institutions nowadays are availing the assistance of eLearning app development services in incorporating and introducing Gamification in rendering their services. They are using it as an innovative tactic to attain customers and retain the attention of the learners by involving and implementing gaming elements in their educational subjects.

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Involving Gamification not only makes learning interesting but also helps in making a difference in developing and enhancing new skills in the learners. Utilizing the benefits of Gamification techniques assist in:

  • Making the learning experience fascinating
  • Visualizing the overall progress
  • Eliminating boredom
  • Deciding goals and objectives
  • Enhancing the attention span
  • Developing physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills
  • Removing a monotonous system of learning concepts, etc.

eLearning is already bringing a massive change in the traditional system of education. Gamification is nothing but the power that can completely transform the way of this system of education and eLearning. Here are some of the prominent changes that Gamification can and does bring in eLearning: –

Positive Change in the Learning Dynamics

The traditional system of education has always been about a single teacher educating a bunch of students. It is a pretty much one-way communication and thus lack student retention and interest. But with Gamification, this can completely take a U-turn. It can change the education dynamics as involving gaming in education drives engagement, catches learner’s attention, makes learning exciting, and enhances direct interaction as well.

Changing The Learning Psychology 

Learning is directly related to the psychology of a student. Psychological elements like motivation play a key role in the overall learning process of a student. The conventional method of teaching often lacks to instill motivation in a student but with Gamification, it can be done easily. By involving gaming elements in the studies like setting a score goal, introducing competitions, rewards on winning, etc., can help students feel motivated and help them perform, improve, and work for the better.

Bringing Theory To Practical Life

Nowadays it is all about practical knowledge rather than theoretical. Thus, many institutions are now using custom elearning development services for building such applications that involve the rendering of practical knowledge with real examples. Gamification promotes this approach and its techniques thus focus on putting theoretical knowledge to practice. Gamification allows students to learn and experience the real world knowledge with practical learning techniques.

Visualizing Progress and Feedback

Gamification renders immediate and real-time feedback and progress made by an individual. It eliminates the issue of waiting a lot for the results of the performance as it happens in the traditional teaching approach. It immediately conveys how an individual performed by presenting the results of a particular task without any delay. It even helps in keeping a track on the day-by-day progress made and deliver real-time feedback.

Increase Interaction

Something interesting and different from the routine always catches attention. Gamification exactly just taps onto this. With its interesting gaming characteristics, it makes the learning process interactive and interesting which makes individuals more involved and engrossed in the learning journey.

Splitting The Subject

With Gamification, subjects can be split and made interrelated as well. The splitting of subjects and an addition of a gaming touch to it torn down the burden and boredom at the same time which ultimately benefits students. Making the subjects interesting by converting them into goals or quests can help the student get more involved in the process of learning.

Hence, these were some of the prominent changes and transformations that Gamification can and is bringing in the elearning. If you are in the educational and elearning arena, you must avail of these transforming benefits of Gamification with the assistance of educational app development services for building a strong and flourishing future of many individuals.

Providing education by backing it with Gamification and its techniques can transform the complete education and elearning system. It can assist in shaping the bright future of many students. Thus, if you need any assistance for incorporating Gamification techniques, elements, mechanics in a non-gaming context and solely for elearning purpose, you should contact and consult a company/agency rendering custom elearning development services. They can help you build a great platform with Gamification elements and make your elearning services better than the best.