Integrated CRM Systems Provide a Competitive Advantage in Business

26 April 2021


Customers are the lifeline of any business. And this is the reason that Customer Relationship Management plays such an important role. The main aim of customer relationship management is to integrate the business processes with the marketing efforts. This helps in identifying, pursuing, and managing customer interactions which are valuable. With the help of an integrated CRM software system, this job becomes simple as well as streamlined. With the increasing demands of such software systems, many software development firms develop such systems. Insta IT Technologies is one of the few reputed companies, which has created amazing integrated CRM systems for businesses of all dimensions.

What is CRM and CRM Integration? – A Brief Introduction

Before we go into the details and advantages of the integrated CRM system, it is important to know what CRM and CRM integration is. As it is evident from the name itself, CRM is customer relationship management – managing and developing a healthy relationship between the business and existing as well as potential customers. With the help of a proper CRM strategy, a strong foundation of the business is laid for the overall growth and development of the business.

There was a time when CRM systems were used by big and elite businesses only. Today businesses of all dimensions use such systems for gaining a competitive advantage. With an integrated CRM system, it is possible to create a scalable, cost-saving, and cohesive powerhouse. The integration of a CRM system can be done with almost anything – phone systems, ERP, legacy databases, marketing automation, social media, etc. All the integrations come with their own set of benefits and advantages.

Integrated CRM systems and their benefits in business

In this article, we will study in detail how integrated CRM systems provide a competitive advantage in business. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Integrated CRM systems help with boosted mobility

Survey reports have shown that mobile CRM has boosted sales performance by almost 59%, which is quite a significant figure. With mobile CRM, sales personnel have been able to achieve their quota quickly when compared to representatives who don’t use mobile CRM.

The best way to explain this point is with the help of ERP integration. By using integrated mobile capabilities, any sales personnel can view products, inventory, and pricing details right at the spot. With the available tools and information in hand, the representative can close the deal. The status of orders can be checked instantly, and immediate feedback can be provided. With integration, customer relationships can be maintained smartly.

  • Integrated CRM systems for retaining customers

It is true that customers vary from one market to another. However, a general report says that the procurement of new customers is expensive by almost 4-10 times when compared to retaining existing customers. If customer retention can be increased by just 5%, profits can shoot up to almost 75%. Thus, customer retention is directly proportional to the revenue stream of any business.

With a properly integrated CRM system, the management of customer retention gets better. Integration of CRM with marketing automation helps in segmenting messages so that they reach proper customers. Integration of ERP and CRM helps in monitoring customer invoices and credit. With the integration of social media, email, and phone systems, a message or call can be turned into a service case.

The main agenda remains unchanged – better management between the business and customer with simplified communication. All departments in the business have all the crucial information. Therefore, delivering the best experience to customers becomes possible.

  • Integrated CRM systems for management of new sales projects/scopes

With the help of an integrated CRM system, it is possible to manage ongoing as well as new projects. In the system, minute details are stored about the project that is ongoing, and this helps in predicting buying needs of customers. As the new project goes through the sales cycle, you will be able to make plans for the future with the help of CRM. As a result, the business will have a track of all the ongoing projects and can plan for new projects as well smoothly.

  • Integrated CRM systems for lowered training cost overhead

Business organizations spend thousands of dollars per trainee annually. And the cost figures keep on soaring with each passing year. If the employee has to be trained on multiple systems, training overhead increases enormously. Moreover, employees get busy learning the system rather than concentrating on the project goals.

With the help of integrated CRM, the time required to get the various teams working together is minimized considerably. Integrated CRM not only helps save money and time but also minimizes scopes of data entry errors and duplicate entries. Mundane and repetitive tasks can be reduced, and employees can concentrate on other tasks.

  • Integrated CRM systems for better decision making about marketing and customers

Making the right marketing decisions is crucial for the success of any business. The effect of such decisions makes ripples all through the business. With an integrated CRM system, it is possible to have a uniform and holistic view of all departmental data and information regarding each customer. This uniformity helps in making better decisions. Suppose the customer is on a call with the business organization making a query; it will be possible to handle the call much more efficiently as data will be handy in all departments. Smart and effective marketing strategies can also be developed with such integrated CRM systems.

By integrating sales, marketing, and customer service functions effectively, the CRM system makes working easy and convenient for employees in any business. Vital information is shared between all important departments so that everyone remains in the loop as to what is happening.

Wrapping up

Creating integrated CRM systems should be left to the best professionals in the business. Lots of technical expertise and knowledge go into the making of integrated CRM systems. Companies and agencies which develop CRM systems often offer this service to clients. You can try the services of Insta IT Technologies for the creation of an integrated CRM system. The company excels in providing high-quality services at the most reasonable rates to its clients.