How To Choose The Best Full Stack Development Partner For Your Business

22 September 2020


In today’s day and age, business and technology go hand in hand. Both work parallelly and are almost incomplete without each other. Businesses nowadays try to make the most of web and mobile development for making their business a success and increasing their share of profit.

Many businessmen avail the assistance of programmers, developers, and even Full Stack developers for crafting a website or even a mobile application for their business. But they often get stuck while choosing the Full Stack developer who can render the best product and cater to all the development requirements. So, here is a guide mentioning all those points which you must take into consideration while choosing and hiring a Full Stack development partner for your business concern.

Let us start with the basic points first and proceed further with the prominent points to remember:-

Who Is A Full Stack Developer?

A Full Stack developer is a programmer who has proficiency in programming languages for both the front end and backend as well. He is someone who is well-skilled and knows how a website or a mobile application would look at the user’s end.

What Role Does A Full Stack Developer Play?

A Full Stack developer is supposed to handle the following significant tasks:-

  • Developing backend codes in PHP, Rub, Python.
  • Building front-end coding in HTML, JavaScript, etc.
  • Crafting test codes for the validation of applications.
  • Analyzing, developing, and also debugging database queries.
  • Conducting testing of web applications along with resolving application bugs.
  • Keeping a thorough check on web applications and UI performance.

When Should You Consider Hiring A Full Stack Developer?

The need for a full stack developer can arise anytime depending on the requirements of a business. If a business needs a minimum viable product, or there are a few budget constraints, or there is a requirement of a skilled product manager, etc., considering all such requirements, the need for hiring a Full stack developer may occur.

What Qualities Should A Full Stack Developer Have?

A proficient Full Stack developer must have the following mentioned skills and qualities:-

  • He should possess knowledge about different technologies.
  • He must have the ability to understand a business’s objective and work towards the same.
  • He should be capable enough to understand the requirements of the clients and customers and cater to them.
  • He should be a passionate learner.
  • He should be a goal-seeker and a good guide as well who can show the accurate development path.

 Types Of Full Stack Developers

The following are some of the types of Full Stack Developers. Depending on your need, you can hire one as per your choice:-

  1. Full Stack Elixir Developers
  2. Full Stack React Developers (MERN)
  3. Full Stack Python Developers 
  4. LAMP or Full Stack PHP Developer 
  5. Mean Stack Angular Developer

What Technical Skills You Must Check before Hiring A Full Stack Developer?

Have a look at some of the important skills that you must check and see before you hire a full stack developer for your business:-

  • HTML & CSS: HTML and CSS both help in the styling part of a webpage. For designing an appealing frontend, a full stack developer must be familiar with all the coding of these languages.
  • Git, GitHub, and Source Tree: For tracing and tracking every small change going on a website or an application, knowledge about Git is a must. Thus, before hiring a full stack developer crosscheck whether he has sufficient skills and knowledge about Git and its working.
  • JavaScript: A full stack developer should be familiar with Java script and its frameworks as it helps in writing codes for the servers.
  • Architecture Of Web: Hire that full stack developer who has clear concepts of web architecture. He must know how the code structure is formed, how to separate files, where to place the data, how computational tasks are done, etc. Crosscheck these skills beforehand as these are some of the most essential skills that a developer must-have.
  • Backend: Backend manages database operations and user authentication as well. It is a must for a full-stack developer to know how to work with it. He must have proficient knowledge regarding the working of Ruby, Python, Php, etc., frameworks like Laravel for Php, Ruby on Rails for Ruby, Django for Python, .Net for C#, Express.js, etc. 
  • HTTP & REST: HTTP is a communication protocol that is used between servers and clients and REST is an interface using HTTP. A full stack developer must know its functioning.
  • Database & Web Storage: A good full stack developer must understand the difference between relational and non-relational databases and comprehend well as to what to use when.
  • Frontend: It is required for a developer to know the usage of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, frameworks like Vue.js, AngularJS, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, etc., and even libraries like jQuery, AnyChart, etc.
  • Servers: A skilled full stack developer should possess knowledge about web servers like Apache, Nginx, and must be familiar with server security issues as well.

Hiring a full stack developer can be immensely beneficial for you. Not are they just versatile in their job but are competent, understand up-gradations, are experienced in handling various technologies, can handle trouble-shooting issues with ease, have the relevant problem-solving skills along with management and faster rendering of the product.

So, if you run a business and want to develop a website or web application for the same, consider hiring a full stack developer. Make sure to analyze him on the above-mentioned points and you will be good to go.

Hire a full stack developer and meet all of your web development needs.