How COVID-19 is Affecting e-Commerce Industry

10 August 2020


The outbreak of novel Coronavirus is among the scariest topics that everyone is talking about in 2020. Presently, if we look into some numbers, there have been over 6.5 lakhs deaths and around 17 million total cases registered all across the globe.

In an attempt to flatten this particular curve, the Indian government announced a full lockdown! That means about 1.3 billion people are locked up in their homes. While COVID-19’s end is sweeping off several facets of the civilization that is carefully knitted, some domains have witnessed a boom. Industries like health, aviation, hospitality and tourism, automobile, food industry, have shown a growth in the market during this pandemic. One more such domain is that of e-commerce.

Coronavirus has ruptured the well-formed business management system. The impact on e-commerce continues to fluctuate ever since COVID-19 started. Many of the strongest economies in the world have lost their track post-COVID-19 and are still trying to get back on track. E-commerce has proved itself vital and essential after the outbreak of this virus, but there are still some divisions of it that are currently trying hard to cope with the ongoing circumstance.

Due to lockdown, social distancing parameters, and the terror of Coronavirus, the shops & malls are not functioning as smoothly as they were doing in the pre-COVID era. But this pandemic has opened many doors for the online shopping industry. The jump in online shopping has been noticeably seen during and after the lockdown period.

Many business owners now have understood how online shopping has the power to change the scenario of the entire market. A lot of business houses that have been in the traditional business since ages have commenced creating their online shopping websites and mobile apps as well.

A surge in the inquiry of e-commerce website development and e-commerce mobile app development has been observed during the past few months. According to the masters of the business and industry, this surge will continue as many more businesses will go online.

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Let’s understand how COVID-19 has impacted the e-commerce industry and how it has opened new doors for online shopping platforms.

Opportunities in Online Shopping

Due to the pandemic and the shutdown of the shops and malls, people are now satiating their demands by going online. As a result, there has been a great boom in the whole online market. Instead of going to grocery stores, people are now purchasing the stuff from online shopping websites like Big Basket and Gofers that have managed to earn a good sum of profits during this pandemic period. Even several newcomers got an opportunity to savor this benefit. This shift from offline to online shopping has given an opportunity to the e-commerce website and mobile app developers as well. Many new websites and apps are being developed for the purpose.

Online Shopping Is Here To Stay

Truly, online shopping is here to stay for sure. Just by sitting in your room, you can buy anything and everything with just a few clicks, and get it delivered at your doorstep. To take advantage of this, and keeping the future scenarios in mind, many people are now going online and have shifted their base from the offline to the online platform.

Though there has been an increase in demand for online shopping, but the problem of lack of labor is still on. The manpower isn’t sufficient enough to deliver the products in time, while the online grocery stores are receiving orders on a large scale. The pandemic has made it difficult to manage this issue on a high level.

Boost in corona virus-related e-commerce store

To match the current huge demand for sanitizers, soaps, masks, gloves, etc., many businesses have commenced selling only such essential items. With this change in demand, the producers of such products have gained immense profits as a result. 

Promotional Tactic

The e-commerce sector has benefitted many businesses in this pandemic to promote their business and earn many customers as well. It has made it possible for many businesses to go global, increase their customer reach, enhance inventory & stock management, and ultimately create a brand reputation for themselves.

Digital Transformation of Neighborhood Organised Retailers

These stores have played a vital part in this challenging time. We know these retail shops are the lifeblood of individuals. To cope with the ongoing situation of the pandemic, the organized retail shops have gone online and have taken the digitized form. To provide convenience to the buyers, such retail shops are offering online contactless deliveries of the goods with secure sanitization as well. Going digital with websites and shopping apps has benefitted both the consumers and retailers in numerous ways.

The future of e-commerce is unwinding now with COVID-19 forcing the very most people who previously relied on their street’s retail stores and their buddy’s shops for non-essential items to clutter the developing user lists of e-commerce companions. Those who do not understand the upcoming change will fail to compete with the one who has understood the opportunity. 

Thus, if you are an offline retailer, then we suggest you go online sooner. It is the easiest mode to earn numerous customers as this platform is safe, secure, and provides the opportunity to go global and serve the customers from distant locations as well. The e-commerce platform makes it easy to control the business ensuring profits and security.

So, get in touch with a trustworthy e-commerce website development company and get a stunning website to attract your customers.