How AI and BI Can Revolutionize the e-Commerce Universe

16 August 2020


What comes to your mind when you hear the words Artificial Intelligence or Business Intelligence? Probably the terms like technological advancements, machine learning, strategy improvisation, and such more technical terms, right? But did you ever think why there has been such a sudden surge around these two terms?

This is so because both, the Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence are the future of probably every possible domain. No matter what the domain or the world of field it is, AI and BI are strongly on the path to make their way in every possible arena. Be it education, healthcare, transport, travel, real estate, marketing, retail, insurance, web development, social media, etc. there is presumably no such sphere that AI and BI have not touched to.

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Speaking about the advancements there is one more such field that is knocking shoulders with AI and BI. The field is e-Commerce. Though they are entirely diverse terms, but both are the future and the defining elements of the destiny of the world development as a whole.

Have you imagined what beneficial wonders they can render to the world economy if these both are used and amalgamated together?

Let us see how AI and BI services and solutions can help in bringing a massive change and lead to a revolution in the e-commerce industry.

Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Improving E-commerce Domain

E-Commerce brands all across the globe are stepping into the new age of customer experience. And for fulfilling so they are availing the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. Many world-class brands and labels are getting in touch with development companies providing ai solutions development and enhancing their overall services.

The following are some of the ways through which Artificial Intelligence can be used in E-Commerce for improving customer experience. If you own and run an e-commerce website and want to earn a competitive advantage, take the help of the following ways for providing better services to your customers and even potential customers:-

  • Crafting Customer-Centric Search: In order to provide the best customer experience, many e-commerce companies are taking the assistance of artificial intelligence. They are leveraging machine learning and the AI software tags that organize and render a customer with such search results that they are likely to purchase. The AI tools are even helping the customers to see what they want to purchase and even recommend matching products. This is ultimately helping the e-commerce websites in providing a better experience and converting a customer into a returning customer.


  • Retarget Possible Customers: The data used with AI can provide information about potential customers. With the help of such data, companies can retarget and remarket to the probable customers with suggestive suitable products and in return maximize profits.


  • Create An Effective Process Of Sales: The sales procedure has evolved a lot with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Many AI systems facilitate natural language learning and voice input nowadays and have replaced the typical marketing of cold-calling and yellow pages.


  • Introduction Of Personalization and Product Recommendation: The ever-increasing advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have helped the companies to provide a personal touch to their services. With the continuous monitoring of AI, a company can render all the relevant search results to the customer as per his prospective and regular buying habits.


  • Chatbots: Chatbots provide significant customer support for e-commerce retailers. They are the fastest mode to solve customer queries and inquiries. They are a prominent invention of AI that benefits probably every e-commerce company.


  • Virtual Assistant: Virtual assistant like Amazon’s Alexa has proven to be of great use for e-commerce websites as well. They have made the search process easier and has rendered a creative opportunity for the companies to enhance their mode of selling.


  • Assortment Intelligence: With the help of the assortment intelligence tool of artificial intelligence, online retailers attempt to attain a competitive advantage. This tool assists to analyze the product mix and pricing of the fellow competitors and then helps adjust the same factors for the company. It even helps in analyzing the business impact of such applied strategies.


  • Point Out Counterfeit Products: Though tracing a fake or a counterfeit product is tough but there are such artificial intelligence tools that help in detecting the same that ultimately minimizes the cases of fraudulency.

These were some of the prominent ways in which Artificial Intelligence has brought a change in the e-commerce market. Now let us see how Business Intelligence can better the e-commerce domain:-

Business Intelligence has proven to be of great worth to e-commerce companies. It assists in multiple ways and has benefitted the sales and the overall process of working for numerous companies across the world. With the assistance of Business Intelligence, a company can form and improve marketing, sales, and inventory reports, make margin and trend analysis, examine trending product analysis, and most importantly execute accurate decision making.

It assists the e-commerce companies in the following ways

  • Business Intelligence tools help in analyzing the most beneficial advertising campaigns, customers, segments, products, sales channels, etc.
  • It assists in making inferences about the trend analysis i.e. it helps an e-commerce company to see the dynamic customer preferences and behavior.
  • Business Intelligence tools also help in identifying the cost and profitability of products and product lines as well. It even recommends the suggestions for improving margins, price sensitivity, and elasticity of demand.
  • With the help of business intelligence services, companies can prepare marketing and sales report that provides details regarding the products in the cart, search terms used for finding a product, forecast sales, calculate returns and taxes, check details about shipping, refunds, offers, and discount coupons, etc.
  • Apart from the sales inferences, a company can even see the status of inventory as to what is being sold the most, available quantities of products, re-ordered and returned products, orders in transit, etc.

Thus, these are some of the most prominent and key inferences as to how Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence is revolutionizing the world of electronic commerce.

So, if you run an e-commerce website and want to avail of the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence, contact an artificial intelligence development company or an ecommerce software development services.

The Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence solutions, machine learning development services and the eCommerce IT Solutions can make you a good player in the market and can also help you in maximizing your sales and customer reach as well.

So, consult an ai development company or a company rendering business intelligence services soon, and let your e-commerce business grow and reach new heights.

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