How A Website Is Built: Web Development Cycle

12 March 2021


Developing and building a website is a creative process. It is just like how software is built from the scratch. Though there are some key differences between the development process of a website and software, their core cycle of development is the same.

It requires a good balance of consistency, skill, and persistence to build a website with ease. From taking care of the design to codings to adding graphics and of course to adding content, a professional website development process requires a web developer and web designer to take care of hundreds of multiple things.

Let us see what all steps are required to be followed in the process of web development. Below mentioned are some prominent steps that you must follow to craft a professional website:-


Step 1: Information Gathering: Purpose, Central Objectives, And Target

The first and probably the most important step in the best website development is Information Gathering. Once you have finalized what your website will be all about, you will be required to gather information about your audience, the type of content you will put forward, how you would be useful for your clients, etc. You will be needed to conduct numerous pieces of research to gather a variety of information. This process needs to be performed with utmost care as this will be the foundation of the next steps of the development cycle. Once you are clear with your goals and purpose of the website, it would become a lot easier to gather information.


Step 2: Planning & Analysis

The next step is planning and analysis. Using the information gathered in the above-mentioned first step, you will now be required to formulate a sitemap of the website. Along with that, you will be required to analyze all technologies and tools you must use to build your website. This crucial step will require your attention in deciding and calculating sitemap, wireframing, Layout Planning, UI/UX, choosing the fit technology stack, etc.


Step 3: Designing

In this step, All the visual content, such as images, photos, and videos is created. As per the information gathered, designing of website is commenced. From page layouts to logos to graphics to colors, everything is done in the process of designing.


Step 4: Content and Organizing

In the fourth step of the web development cycle, the content will be required to be written and organized at particular sections of the web pages. This will be a little tedious step in the process as it includes various points to be taken care of like writing content, creation of catchy headlines, text editing, writing new text, compiling the existing text, etc. Once the content is created, it must be proofread and then compiled.


Step 5: Coding

This is the step of implementation. You can finally commence building and adding code to the designed website and content in this step. The hierarchy and sitemap which was designed in step two of the web development cycle will finally be implemented in this very step. This step can be started by building first the homepage followed by the sub web pages. From adding content to plug-ins to frameworks to CMS to static pages to special features, as per the needs, everything should be added and compiled in this fifth step of the web development cycle. From front-end development to backend development, every crucial step taken before this step will come to life in the fifth step.


Step 6: Testing, Review, and Launch

Reviewing and testing a website is a routine process. It must be done in order to find and eliminate any kind of error. This step will help in finding broken links, typing errors, and every other type of fault. Once all the testing and reviewing of the website is concluded, the website can finally be launched on the platform internet.


Step 7: Monitoring and Maintenance

This is the last step in the process. In it, you will be required to keep monitoring the website for a regular period of intervals. After deploying the codings, you must ensure that it is working efficiently without any faults. Also, if any website improvements are required, they should be taken into consideration and performed at a precise time. Thus, maintaining the well-working of the website should be performed thoroughly at scheduled periods.

Hence, this was all about the process of the web development cycle. Each and every step in the entire procedure of website development is of equal importance, hence not a single step from it should be skipped.

Thus, if you want to build and create a website for yourself, follow the above-mentioned process thoroughly. If you find it a tad bit hard to develop it yourself get in touch with a company that provides professional website development services.

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