Insta IT is a conscientious company that wants the client to genuinely succeed. Their experience and advice were essential to the success of the application, which has many active users and a positive rating.

John Doeno
John Doenoregular user

Insta has a large team that offers flexibility because they have experts in dozens of programming languages. They never miss deadlines and give personal attention that is different from other offshore vendors.

Max Green
Max Green

Insta is an excellent development partner. The final app was tested and all its functionalities performed very well. Their work methodology was top-notch and their organized approach and documentations were very impressive.

Tiffany Brown
Tiffany Brown

You guys have produced better design and development work than local providers for a fraction of the price. The partnership will continue indefinitely because of initial success.

Alex Whitewood
Alex Whitewood

Since the Android version has not launched yet, there are no strong metrics to report. Nevertheless, Insta`s technical ability is strong, and the client is hopeful that transactions will increase. While they could be quicker to respond at certain points, they’ve mainly met all major deadlines.

Stefan Freeman
Stefan Freemannew customer

Your people always impresses with your fast deliveries, business-savvy mindset, and creative approach to ideation. The team identifies each app’s objectives and customizes their designs to suit the target audience. Their wide, adaptive WordPress expertise is a particularly helpful asset.

Betty Black
Betty Blackregular customer

Beta testers were impressed by the site’s attractive visuals and functional interface, which includes every element that was initially requested. We are very impressed with your impeccable organization, dependable communication, and knowledgeable input.

Anna White
Anna Whiteregular customer

Talented developers and straightforward project managers at InstaIT produced a high-quality product on a very affordable budget. The site rarely presents bugs. Although some aspects of the process lacked adequate documentation, the finished product fulfilled every expectation.

Diana Richards
Diana Richardsnew customer

Midway through development, all milestones have met expectations and been delivered on schedule. your organized, methodical approach to planning and documentation makes the project run smoothly. They clearly explain each stage of the process and deliver exactly what they promise.

George Green
George Greenregular customer

The app has been very well received; the user interface design is particularly strong. The team dutifully honored the budget and the timeline, and they always behaved with the utmost professionalism. They were very patient with a changing project scope.

Maria White
Maria White