8 Best Frameworks in 2022 for Developing Mobile Applications

6 July 2022


Mobile applications continue to grow in demand as users have come to rely on them to fulfill their most basic day-to-day needs. Given the crucial role of mobile apps in our life, it’s important to take a look at what are some of the best mobile app development frameworks in the industry today.

Businesses that want to build great mobile apps want to use frameworks that help do so in the most cost- and time-efficient way possible. Mobile app developers also need to know about the latest frameworks so that their app development approach is up-to-date with the current industry trends.

Hence, it’s necessary to understand the top mobile app development frameworks in 2022 that can be leveraged to develop superb apps. Here’s a quick list that you can go through.

  • Ionic

The first popular app development framework on the list is Ionic, an open-source platform that can be used to develop progressive web applications as well as native apps for Android and iOS. Ionic offers a broad range of features that make it attractive to developers. It employs technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, so developers who are experienced in these may find working on Ionic quite convenient. Different user interface elements like views, tab bars, filters, and navigation menus can be leveraged when designing the framework. Ionic can be an ideal choice when you need a mobile app that ensures great performance and robustness. 

  • Swiftic

This one is unique in its own right because it’s a DIY app development framework for building iOS and Android applications. Swiftic is great for newbie app developers, and even non-developers, because it offers an intuitive app development process. There is immense scope for customization which ensures that applications can be built to suit the specific purpose and needs of a business. The quick and convenient development process offered by Swiftic makes it quite apt for small businesses. What’s remarkable about Swiftic is that it facilitates a simple way to build beautiful apps which are rich in important features. 

  • React Native

If providing an outstanding native experience is important for your mobile app, then React Native would be an excellent choice. The fact that React Native is utilized by many renowned business brands for their apps, like Skype, Instagram, Walmart, Bloomberg, and Facebook, speaks to its popularity. This platform can be used to build apps for Android and iOS using single code written in JavaScript. The multiple advantages of React Native include quick and budget-friendly development, reusability of components, hassle-free app maintenance, live reload, ability to use 3rd party plugins, etc.    

  • Flutter

Offered by Google, this popular framework helps develop applications for multiple platforms like web, mobile, and desktop. The applications built are native-like, thus ensuring superior feel and performance. A notable characteristic of Flutter app development is that developers don’t need to code separately for each platform. They only have to code once and that one codebase can be used to deliver superb native experiences for various platforms. Needless to say, this streamlines the development process tremendously. Furthermore, the availability of customizable widgets adds more convenience to the process.

  • Xamarin 

Another popular name in the mobile app development industry is Xamarin, which helps develop native applications for many platforms including iOS, Windows, Android, macOS, etc. Xamarin is renowned for its brilliant cross-platform app development capabilities. There are plenty of libraries and tools available to make the development process easier. Xamarin leverages technologies like C# and .NET for app development. Using Xamarin, robust and responsive applications with superb native UX can be built efficiently. Another highlight of Xamarin is its vast contributors’ community.

  • Apache Cordova

Earlier known as PhoneGap, Apache Cordova is another prominent mobile app framework to be aware of. The interesting aspect of Apache Cordova is that web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 can be leveraged for building cross-platform applications.

There are many attractive features of this platform, like code reusability, open-source, quick development, and more. These features make Apache Cordova developer-friendly because it provides developers with great flexibility and convenience in building apps for different platforms. Moreover, the ability to leverage 3rd party tools for application management helps in quickening app development.

  • Mobile Angular UI

An excellent open-source framework, Mobile Angular UI allows the development of HTML5 mobile applications. This framework employs two key technologies, AngularJS and Bootstrap. It offers various elements which ensure efficient app development and enhanced user experience, like scrollable areas, dropdowns, navbars, tabs, sidebars, accordion, and more. Developers who’re well-versed in Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS will find Mobile Angular UI pretty simple to use. If you’re looking to build a mobile app with a modern look and feel, you can certainly count on Mobile Angular UI. 

  • NativeScript

Last but not least is NativeScript, a powerful and open-source mobile application building platform for Android and iOS. The fantastic native-like experience delivered by NativeScript is one of its best-known features. The solid back-end support and ease of adoption are some great reasons for choosing this framework.

Developers can leverage NativeScript for benefits like less application development time and a reduced amount of code. The availability of wide-ranging plugins allows developers to build the app quickly. Also worth noting is that the iOS and Android APIs are fully accessible with NativeScript. 


Now that we’ve looked at the most popular mobile app frameworks in 2022, it’s time for you to take the next step, which is selecting the best platform for your project. To do so effectively, you need to consider various factors, such as what type of app you want, how quickly you want to launch it, what platforms you want to build the app for, how much should the app cost, etc.

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