6 Ways How Mobile Apps are the New Game-Changers for E-commerce

21 July 2022


With billions of mobile users around the world, the utility and significance of mobile phones for online shopping have witnessed a sharp rise over the years. When it comes to shopping online, mobile users rely on apps for various purposes whether it’s scrolling through and researching products, comparing the prices, or simply buying. Considering how people across generations are glued to their smartphones nowadays, it’s only natural and convenient for them to use the same for shopping as well. E-commerce app development is no longer a choice for online vendors, it has become a necessity. 

Here we explore why mobile apps are leading the revolution in the e-commerce industry and why they’re gaining preference over traditional websites.

  • The quick and clutter-free shopping experience

Every customer desires a fast and clean path to finding and purchasing stuff online. Mobile apps assure exactly this kind of shopping experience. E-commerce mobile apps don’t contain an excess of information that’s usually found on websites. They only consist of the most relevant details and pages to help consumers save time in searching and buying. Consumers can more easily and conveniently navigate through the apps as compared to the information-heavy websites. From scrolling through arrays of products to finishing up the payment, shopping on mobile apps is a breeze. This user-friendliness is one of the major reasons why m-commerce has found such great acceptance among users. 

  • Opportunity to build deeper customer connections

For any e-commerce brand, building a closer connection with its customer base goes a long way in establishing long-term loyalty and trust. Through mobile apps, brands have an excellent channel of frequent interaction with their customers. Brands can stay in close touch with their target customer group by engaging them with marketing content. They can send them push notifications informing them of discounts, latest collections, coupons, etc. Receiving such information from a brand consistently can help cultivate special affinity and preference in customers’ minds towards the brand. It can get customers excited to visit the app and shop. Push notifications can also be leveraged to send reminders about unpurchased products in the cart.

  • Improved customer service and personalization

With mobile apps, it’s feasible to render greater customer care and personalization. Firstly, mobile apps are capable of providing access to useful features even when offline. If users ever find themselves with slow or no internet, they’d still be able to use at least some part of the shopping app. Secondly, different mobile-specific functionalities can be utilized by the apps to ensure seamless shopping, like the camera for scanning any codes or GPS location to let the app easily get your exact delivery address. Furthermore, the adoption of technologies such as AI and VR in mobile shopping boosts the overall experience of customers. Brands can also encourage app downloads by providing special incentives like new app user discounts.

  • Lesser likelihood of users abandoning the cart

Any e-commerce business that consistently faces the issue of cart abandonment needs to investigate the chief reason behind so. If the reason turns out to be problems with the UX, then that’s a very good reason for the business to go for e-commerce app development. Many little things can irk a user enough to leave a website without completing the purchase. Maybe their preferred payment option wasn’t available or maybe the checkout steps were too time-consuming. 

With mobile apps, little hassles like these can be easily removed to facilitate a smoother buying experience since there is little to no scope for any distractions here. Apps make it feasible to offer a simplified and faster checkout procedure to users. For instance, merchants can integrate various mobile payment methods to put buyers at ease. This can boost the conversion rate and enable brands to make more sales.

  • Great scope for creativity to ensure user engagement

It’s challenging to keep users engaged, but e-commerce mobile apps do make it easier. Mobile apps allow brands to take their customers through an exciting shopping journey. The apps can support different hand gestures to make using the app more streamlined and interesting. For example, users can pinch product images to zoom in or out.

Mobile apps are also excellent for incorporating gamification. People anyway love playing games on their mobile phones. If they can find similar elements in shopping apps too, they’d have all the more reason to stick around. Gamification for e-commerce apps could refer to fun quizzes, rewards collection, friendly competitions, etc. Additionally, innovative UI/UX elements like animations can be integrated into mobile apps to increase interactivity.

  • Fulfilling the expectations of modern users 

Today’s mobile-savvy shoppers simply expect an e-commerce brand to have a mobile app that they can download and use because they want the convenience to shop anytime and anywhere. An e-commerce brand that’s visionary enough to provide a great, engaging mobile app to its customers will be appreciated. Therefore, even if you already have a responsive e-commerce website that works on mobile devices, it’s still essential for you to have a fully functional e-commerce mobile app. It’s an excellent way to cater to your customer needs and boost your sales at the same time.


Now that you know how important it is for your e-commerce business to have a mobile app, you should understand all the essentials that go into making a perfect e-commerce mobile app. Make sure that the most critical features are available within a few, easy clicks. From product search to checkout, every aspect of shopping should be seamless for customers to go through. Ensure that your app offers a personalized UX and eye-catchy UI with quality images.

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