6 Reasons Why Flutter Has Changed the Face of App Development

8 April 2022


Flutter, a path-breaking app development framework from Google, may be relatively new to the scene, but it has already been generating good buzz. One of the primary reasons behind Flutter’s popularity is because it enables the development of apps that work on multiple platforms like Android, macOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, and even the web. Developers just need to create one codebase and know one programming language (Dart), and they can build applications for all these platforms. The remarkable adaptability of apps built with Flutter makes the life of developers easier.

At the same time, it also benefits businesses that are hoping for a speedy launch of their app on all important platforms.There’s much more to why Flutter is proving to be revolutionary in app development. Here we explore a couple of reasons why Flutter has become so popular.

  • Learning and using Flutter is quite easy

A key factor that has enabled the fast adoption of Flutter is that it’s incredibly easy to work with. From less to highly experienced developers, everyone can learn and use Flutter. Newbie developers don’t have to worry about excessive code writing since they can use the framework’s vast widget library for development. These widgets are customizable, meaning they can be personalized as per specific needs.

On the other hand, developers who’ve been around the block for a while will find that there are many similar aspects between Dart language and already prevalent object-oriented languages.  

All in all, there is no overwhelming amount of code for developers to deal with, which makes the Flutter app development process much less challenging.

  • Widgets make app development so much simpler

The availability of a wide range of interesting and ready-to-implement widgets contributes significantly to simplifying and speeding app development with Flutter. Using these widgets, you can come up with a basic UI for your app quite quickly. Even complex UIs can be built very easily using these widgets. 

Flutter developers can develop customized widgets too depending on their interface requirements. You can also have fun implementing various functionalities by using the option to wrap widgets within one another. Widgets serve as immense help for developers because it saves them a lot of time and effort, enabling them to create superb apps promptly.

  • Flutter ensures exceptional app performance

In mobile apps, it’s all about the user experience. A mobile app that delivers great performance and UX would quickly find an audience and success. It can be difficult to select the right cross-platform app development framework that can deliver apps with native-like performance on various platforms. Flutter is an excellent choice for building such apps. Interfaces ranging from simple to complex can be built easily. The widget library comes in handy. 

What’s unique about Flutter is that the compilation of the apps takes place straightaway into the native code. This yields fast-performing applications because there are no extra steps relating to code interpretation taking place here. The excellent native application user experience enabled by Flutter is one of its major strengths. 

With the help of an experienced and reliable Flutter app development company, you can have apps that not only look beautiful but also perform exceptionally well across different platforms.

  • Developing and launching apps become much quicker

Any business that wants to stay ahead in the game knows the value of speed when it comes to launching a mobile app. The intense competition that exists in the mobile app industry places pressure on businesses to get their app out in the world at the earliest. With Flutter, it’s feasible to develop and launch apps much more quickly. 

The ‘Hot Reload’ feature sets Flutter apart from everything else. This feature allows developers to view any code changes they’ve done just about instantly while maintaining the app’s current state. Whether developers want to integrate a new feature or correct a bug, they can implement the additions/changes they want and view the results swiftly. 

When time is of the essence, choosing Flutter development services makes perfect sense.

  • Flutter makes app development more cost-effective

Firstly, Flutter is an open-source framework, meaning anyone can use it for free. Secondly, when you’re able to build one mobile app that works effectively across all major platforms, you not only save development time but a lot of development money too! Instead of developing separate codebases for different platforms to achieve native performance, you can use Flutter to create one codebase that delivers excellent native-like performance for all platforms. 

With a single codebase, you get the power to reach users across multiple platforms. You don’t have to spend time and money developing different applications, because Flutter gives you one application that works for all. Moreover, even the application maintenance costs are reduced when using Flutter. 

The cost-effectiveness offered by Flutter makes it especially great for start-up businesses that face budget limitations.

  • The incredible Flutter community makes it all better

The support of an active community and abundant resources is essential when it comes to open-source frameworks. With Flutter, you have access to a strong and growing community as well as excellent content, that you can use to learn the framework and get solutions for problems you might face along the way. 

Flutter community is big, comprising of developers who’re actively doing their bit to enhance the framework. There are plenty of great resources and opportunities for learning at your disposal, whether it’s forums, videos, events, blogs, etc. Because help is so readily available, Flutter app development becomes easy even for newbies.

Whether you’re just beginning to learn or trying to enhance your current skill level, you’ll have the extensive support of the developers’ community and documentation.


Flutter provides a wide range of advantages for developers and businesses, which explains why it has become such a favorite. Even when dealing with a restricted budget and timeframe, expert Flutter app development services ensure outstanding applications which exceed UI and performance-related expectations. If you think Flutter is the right match for your app development needs, then begin your project with Insta IT Technologies, where you can hire Flutter app developers who have all the expertise to build top-notch Flutter-based apps.