6 Challenges E-Commerce Businesses Face and Best Ways to Beat Them

24 September 2021


Online shopping has become a part and parcel of modern customer’s life. People love the idea of buying practically anything and everything they want, without having to step outside the home. For entrepreneurs, this is certainly an exciting time to get into the e-commerce sector given the popularity of the idea. However, there are also some challenging aspects that e-commerce companies often face. From attracting the right leads to converting them into customers, e-commerce companies have to tackle several difficulties in their effort to become successful and profitable.  

Let’s understand what some of these challenges are and how you as an e-commerce business owner can overcome them.

  • Leading the right potential buyers to your website

First and foremost, there’s the big question of how do you ensure that the right people are visiting your e-commerce website. You want leads who have a genuine interest in buying the product/service you’re selling. Additionally, depending on where you’re based and the areas you can deliver to, you want potential buyers from relevant locations to come and explore the website. Above all, you want your potential customers to choose and buy from your website over your competition’s! 

A well-planned digital marketing strategy can help bring good quality leads. PPC advertising is excellent for grabbing interest. Utilize the various targeting options well to ensure that you’re reaching the right audience. You can leverage your social media handles to drive interested traffic to your online store. With SEO, you can make it easier for your potential buyers to discover you on the search engines. 

  • Potential buyer leaving without completing the purchase

Cart abandonment is a common scenario in the e-commerce world. This is when a potential buyer adds products to the shopping cart but doesn’t go through with the checkout and buying process. Instead, they leave their cart consisting of products and the online store. There are multiple reasons why users may abandon their shopping carts. The absence of a preferred payment method, complicated and time-consuming checkout formalities, worries about data security, are just a few of the many possible factors.

So, how do you deal with this challenge? You can try retargeting marketing for user traffic that left your site without buying. Take a look at your checkout process to see if there are any issues with it. Get rid of any unnecessary steps that are making the process longer than it needs to be. Explain your shipping, product return, and money refund policies clearly on the checkout page so that buyers feel safe in buying from you. 

  • Delighting buyers with an omnichannel presence

For an e-commerce business, it’s not enough to simply rely on its website for interacting with consumers. If you don’t have an omnichannel presence, you’re missing out on big opportunities in customer engagement. 

You have to ensure that you’re maximizing your customer interactions by utilizing various channels. Strive to offer your customers a consistent, awesome experience whether they’re using a desktop, smartphone, or any other mobile device to visit your online store. Stay on top of your social media management, not only posting new information regularly but also responding to help-related queries from customers. Maintain different customer support options such that you’re able to provide personal attention to each customer. This means support via emails, calls, live chat, etc.

Most importantly, your omnichannel presence should be well-integrated, so that the customers get the same brand experience everywhere. 

  • Ensuring high-quality and reliable cybersecurity

Customers entrust you with much of their sensitive information, from personal to financial. Therefore, you have to be extra cautious in keeping your website/mobile app secure from cybersecurity threats. Even a small carelessness on this front can have severe consequences, for your customers as well as your reputation. 

Firstly, make it a habit to back up your data frequently. You always want to be prepared for the worst scenario possible. Having the latest data backups will help speed up recovery from any cybersecurity attack. Adhering to the HTTPS protocol is a must. For website hosting, choose a server that’s solely dedicated to your site. You should have proper verification mechanisms to confirm the identity of any new user registering or ordering on your website. You should also adhere to PCI DSS or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It’s also a good idea to equip your e-commerce website with advanced security plugins.

  • Earning the loyalty of your customers

You want customers to shop from your website again and again, right? Earning loyal customers can pose a tricky challenge! To make your customers loyal to you, you’ve to go the extra mile to win their trust. Providing unique and good products is of course necessary. 

But, in addition to that, what matters is the kind of service you provide to customers during their entire shopping journey. Be prompt and friendly when it comes to customer service. If the shopping experience you offer is smooth and convenient, a customer will be inclined to buy from you again. You can also reward your repeat customers with special discounts or maybe an exclusive and early chance to shop for the latest collections.

  • Achieving success despite the tough competition

A big challenge is competing with other e-commerce companies that are offering similar products as you. Differentiating yourself from all of them and carving your place in the sector is how you can succeed. Researching your target market and your competitors constitute the first step. Attractive, cheaper pricing is a great strategy to gain an edge over your competition. Impress your customers by constructing an unforgettably fantastic store experience for them. You could consider offering special shopping benefits that your customers are not likely to get anywhere else.  


Managing an e-commerce business successfully, while facing several related challenges, is a tough job. You need the vast e-commerce know-how of a trustworthy IT company like Insta IT Technologies, to establish and maintain your online store. With the help of Insta IT Technologies, you can easily conquer all e-commerce business challenges, whether it’s keeping your online store secure or creating a seamless shopping experience for users.