Magento & WooCommerce

Ecommerce battle between Magento & Woocommerce, who is the best for you?

WooCommerce, which is a popular and well-developed WordPress plugin, is a great solution for a small business with a limited number of products. It is very intuitive and easy to set up (it uses the same well-known administrative system as WordPress) and has all the basics you need to get started: products (with optional attributes and sale prices), categories, a persistent shopping cart, basic shipping methods and rates, and configurable tax rates and notification email addresses.

One Page Website

Fastest way to create one page website

Fastest way to create one page website We get a lot of questions about how to make one page website or if we sell one page WordPress themes. Let me answer both of these questions right at the beginning. Every WordPress theme can be a one page website and I will show you just how simple…

NodeJS Tips & Trick

Life and Time save NodeJS Tips & Tricks

Node.js runs over a single CPU in default mode. This is a major issue as your app will not be able to properly utilize the hardware. To overcome this you can use the node’s cluster module which will help you spawn a process for each core with a few lines of code. You can even use PM2 for this which makes clustering your application even more simple.

What kind of apps can be built with NodeJS

Node.js is a JavaScript framework for server-side built based on Google Chrome’s V8 Engine. It provides a rich library of modules that simplify the development process. Thanks to its asynchronous and event-driven nature as well as the Engine it was built upon, Node.js applications are extremely fast. Performance-wise, it blows most of its competition out of the water.