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We develop the most intelligent, high quality, high performance software solutions for our clients.

In its early days, INSTA IT Technologies functioned under Insta ManPower Services. We collaborated in the capacity of a technology partner and manpower provider to various industry leaders. With the time as the business grew, management of the company decided to split the company to focus on their area of specialization.

Thus Insta IT Technologies was formed as a specialized wing to serve as a technology partner. Since the last 12 years, Insta IT technologies is proudly serving clients all over the world intending to amaze them with quality services and command over the next-generation technologies.

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Software Consulting

We provide consulting services for businesses going for their digital transformation to increase efficiency and performance in their processes.

Software Development

Software development services at Insta ensures that our technology partners get top level brains experienced in all the advanced technologies to build high performance software solutions for their enterprise.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the key to success. At Insta we give quality control and quality assurance a very high priority so that our clients enjoy the solutions built by us without any hassle.

How we work

We understand that all the successful stories start with an idea…with a dream… with a goal…

Insta IT professionals help these dreamers in nurturing their idea, developing it and achieving their goals. At Insta, we work with our clients as theiradvisor, as their consultant and their technology partner, with experiencein wide array of industry verticals.

At Insta, our experts listen and understand the project idea, We ask questions to fill the gaps. We suggest to keep this idea aligned with the industry needs & trends We help our clients in giving a complete shape to a new born idea. Once the business idea is developed, we do a cost analysis and share with our clients to avoid any surprise during the execution.

We plan for our clients and create a road map with them to achieve their ultimate goal. Our project team keeps everything aligned with the budget and the time line, while ensuring the best quality of work. Our technology experts help our clients in giving an edge on technology front.

Precise weekly and daily status updates keep our clients informed all the time, while they do not need to be worried about anything because we are there to take care of everything for them. Once the idea is developed, it is launched by our project development team. Our project marketing team do all the digital / non digital marketing stuff to spread the word. Team Insta take care of project in its whole ongoing journey. We do all the required maintenance work silently,on a specific frequency OR as and when it is required, to keep the project up and running all the time. We value your time, we value your money, we value your trust in us.

As a technology partner, We are there to help you All The Time, Every Time. We do not want to satisfy you with our services. We want to AMAZE you.

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Why Insta IT Technologies

Insta offers enterprise IT services and solutions to improve process performance inside the organisation by leveraging benefits of latest and the most advanced technologies.

We work very close with our clients, right from consulting them in nurturing their business ideas, making strategies, planning roadmap of the overall transformation in their system to succeed, till delivering high quality solutions and get their team trained to have full benefit from the investment.

Web App Development

We build highly quality, high performance, scalable web applications by using open source technology stack.

Mobile App Solutions

Insta offers high speed, best quality, faster time-to-market web application development services to its clients across the glob.

AI / BI Solutions

We develop intelligent solutions. Our experts are skilled in Python, TensorFlow, Torch, Pandas, and Anaconda.

UI / UX Development

Best in class rich user interface design and user experience development services for clients want a pixel-perfect user experience

Blockchain Solutions

Insta offers the power of distributed ledgers by providing blockchain development services. Blockchain is becoming a backbone in the financial market. Launch your blockchain-based cryptocurrency and digital wallet solutions tailor-made for your customers.

Cloud Solutions

Insta offers cloud infrastructure management services for a robust and scalable infrastructure. We also offer DevOps services for automated application life cycle management.
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